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February 05, 1908

Svadesabhimani Lucky Draw Prize

In every issue of the periodical published routinely, one of the copies will contain a gift voucher....


October 24, 1906

The Popular Assembly

It has been decided that the third annual meeting of Sri Moolam Popular Assembly will be held on the...


March 14, 1906

A Judgment of Travancore High Court

The entire judgement in the case, which we had published in an earlier issue under the title, "A Cas...


February 19, 1908

Mohammedan Education in Travancore

There is no doubt that the government proceedings published in yesterday's government gazette regard...


May 02, 1906

The Travancore Education Department

It has been more than four years since Mr P. Aiyyappan Pillai was appointed Secretary to the Governo...



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