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September 21, 1910

A Circular of the Conservator of Forests

A reporter writes:- The Conservator, Mr. Ramarao Garu, has issued a new circular regarding Forest G...


August 03, 1910

Round Up: News from the Capital

In the gazette brought out yesterday, the government has published renewed rules and guidelines for...


January 24, 1906

The Viceroy and Muslims

Lord Minto, who has taken over as the new Viceroy of India, was presented with a scroll of honour on...


August 22, 1908

What is required? Prohibition of the Press or Prohibition of Corruption?

What is needed now in Travancore is not a law banning the freedom of press. We had stated in an earl...


January 15, 1908

Commission on the System of Matrilineal Inheritance

(“Marumakkathayam” is defined as the system of inheritance in which descent is traced through the fe...



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