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May 09, 1906

Travancore Education Department (Three)

(Sasthaav) The important duties assigned to the education secretary can be summed up as follows: to...


April 08, 1910

A correspondent writes from Madras

A correspondent writes from Madras:- This year's university convocation was held on Thursday, March...


August 26, 1908

Government of Travancore-owned Savings Bank: Is it beneficial to the people?

The government calendar and records show that a savings bank system has been set up by the Governmen...


May 15, 1907

News Round UP: International

Plague is rampant in the state of Kapoorthala. *** Dr. **** says that not only plague but also lep...


March 07, 1908

Student dilemma

If it is true that the leaders say that the school children of today are the government officials an...



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