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May 09, 1906

Leprosy and the fish Diet

Jonathan Whitchinson*, a doctor who is of the opinion that the spread of leprosy is due to the consu...


December 12, 1908

Local news- Kochi

The Settlement Peshkar Mr. Raman Menon has been granted a privilege leave of 4 months from the month...


April 30, 1909

Employees of the Collectorate

It may be recalled that in one of our earlier editorials we had pointed out that people would lose t...


June 03, 1910

What Mr C. Sankaran Nair said about Social Reform

Some views expressed by Mr C. Sankaran Nair while presiding over the 12th anniversary of the Madras...


March 28, 1908

Severe Famine

It is seen that a mammoth public meeting under the chairmanship of the Viceroy of India was recently...



February news from Svadesabhimani