Silent-Helper Or Money-Making Secrets.

  • Published on May 16, 1908
  • By Staff Reporter
This article / write-up appeared in Svadesabhimani. has not made any changes.

Encourage Indian Industry with Country Produce.

 This is a large and very valuable collection of recipes and formulae for the manufacture of hundreds of articles in daily use, and which may be readily made by anyone and sold at very large profits. Great fortunes have been made by the manufacture of single articles for which recipes are here given, and some of these recipes have been sold for as much as Rs. 50 each. Anyone, by the aid of this book, can build up a steady, permanent and very profitable business, for there is a constant demand for the various articles: they may easily be made by anyone, and sold either at wholesale or retail or through sub-agents. Many a millionaire started in life in just this way. Get this great book and without doubt it will start you on the road to competence. It is a book of 100 large-column pages, neatly bound in attractive paper covers, and will be sent by mail, postpaid , to any address upon receipt of (reduced price) annas eight only, V.P. excluded

                                             V Paul & Co., 17, Kupalitola Lane,


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