Travancore Public Service

  • Published on June 17, 1908
  • By Staff Reporter


In the matter of the filling up of the vacancy caused by the transfer of the service of Mr.Ferguson to Cochin, the Travancore Government, we are glad and sorry, have stuck on to the principle of departmental promotion with a vengeance. While on the one hand, we are glad that the Government has promoted one from the department, we are unable to say, that the choice made is the best, taken all in all. With the reform in the Police effected in British India, if that is a guide in matters small and big, care has been taken to ****Deputy Superintendents and Assistant Superintendents from amongst men possessing University qualification, -men who have a good position and merit who could command a certain amount of respect independently of their position as Assistant Superintendents of Police. The one distinction that is very often pointed out by the public and acknowledged by Government occasionally, between the old Hailbury men and the present, is that the Hailbury men were all men of social position, picked from the best families of the commoners in the British Isles. The Ballards, McGregors and Mewa**ers and the gentlemen of that distinguished*****, were all Hailbury men, and the **************that existed between them****************** whom they  ******************************best that *************************could be **********************circumstances. Time and *****************considerably changed. Even ************grade of Superintendents are filled up with men of good social positions, Mr Samuel rose from low ranks and has now been promoted as an Assistant Superintendent of Police, perhaps, on the score of his being a Native Christian. He may have worked to the satisfaction of his official superior. When the whole of the Indian world has striving hard to better the Police force by introducing educated and qualified men, may we know the reason that induced our Government to make such an appointment. The one prominent reason why Dewans and Chief Justices of Travancore are sent out from the British Service is, if we understand aright, that the administrative heads should be persons without any of the local prejudices. During the sittings of the last Sri Mulam  popular Assembly, Mr. Bensley had rather a very unpleasant time when the Police ******* and the inspections by heads was criticized by one or two members. Take the Lord Chancellor's foot, crimes are made big or small, according to the inclinations of the office in charge of the case. When there are so many magistrates with excellent experience and education, the appointment of Mr. Samuel takes us by surprise.

 Taking the number of officers who get a salary of Rs 150 and above, we find from a rough perusal of pages CCCiii to CCCvii of the Travancore Almanac and Directory for the year 1908, that out of 200 persons, 82 are Brahmins, 3 Rajas, 63 Christians, 37 Nairs and 11 Pandy *****. Of the 63 Christians 26 are Europeans 20 Syrian and Native Christians and17 Eurasians. Mr. Sathya Nesan and Mr. Itterah have been since appointed First Class Magistrates, and Mr Chandy has taken the place of Mr. Ramaswamy Iyer Munsiff. Now, therefore, there are 28 Christians Syrian and Native, 17 Eurasians and 21 Europeans ie. 66 in all. There are at least 10 Christians, eliminating Europeans out of the question. There are only 30 Nairs, *******1 Ezhava and 11 Pandy *****, at present. Are not the Christians represented in the Public Service  *****in this connection to ************** Dewan to order the Sercretariat to ***************

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