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  • Published on February 01, 1908
  • By Staff Reporter
This article / write-up appeared in Svadesabhimani. Svadesabhimani.com has not made any changes.

(By P.)

When Mr.Curt Haeberly, Deputy Conservator, left the Travancore Forest Department, the vacancy was filled only for the time being, and there was about that time an advertisement for a fully qualified candidate for the place. Now, that vacancy has been filled, the following arrangements being made in connection therewith. Mr. Venugopala Iyer, Working Plan Officer Shencottah, on B. Rs 300 has been raised to Deputy Conservatorship on S. Rs. 350 and is to be succeeded by Mr.A.P Smith, Deputy Conservator, Malayattoor, whose pay has been increased from 275 to 300. Mr. Govinda Menon, Assistant Conservator, Konni on Rs 150 has been promoted to Deputy Conservatorship on Rs.275, Mr. L.P. D'Cruze, Ranger, Teak Plantations, Konni, on Rs.80, taking Mr. Menon's place as Assistant Conservator on Rs.150, and Mr. M. Velu Pillai Ranger, Pathanapuram on Rs.50 being appointed to the post of Mr. D'Cruze on Rs.80. As Mr. Venugopala Iyer is now on special duty, Ranger Mr. P.S. Narayana Iyer, Konni has been appointed to act as an Assistant Conservator on Rs.154 till the return of the officer on special duty. Mr. Harihara Iyer, Acting Assistant Conservator, is to revert to his permanent place as Manager in the Conservator's Office. In this connection it should be said that the case of Assistant Conservator Mr. Vatts has been overlooked presumably because he does not happen to be sufficiently qualified, in which case, it not clear what qualification Mr.Smith has. 

At the Chackay landing in Trivandrum, there is an upto-the-mark shed, which has on of its posts somewhat damaged. Instead of repairing or substituting the post at cost Rs.10 or 20 at most, the DPW authority propose pulling down the existing shed constructing in its place a big one at a cost about Rs.7000. Does anybody dream a moment that the new Dewan would sanction it, forgetting his plea, “no money". The thrown away man of the Cochin D.P,W has come to Trivandrum to be a **************  

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