For Malaria, Influenza And Mild Forms Of Plague

  • Published on June 17, 1908
  • By Staff Reporter
This article / write-up appeared in Svadesabhimani. has not made any changes.

                                                    FOR MALARIA, INFLUENZA AND

                                                            MILD FORMS OF PLAGUE.

                                       Use Batliwalla's Ague Mixture of Pills Re. 1

                                                       Batliwalla's Cholerol

                                          Is the only remedy for Cholera Re. 1

                                                         Batliwalla's Haretone

            Has been recently improved a great deal and restores Grey Hair to its Natural Colour. Rs. 2/8

                                                         Batliwalla's Tonic Pills,

              Cure Nervous Exhaustion and Constitutional Weakness. Re, 1 - 8

                                                     Batliwalla's Tooth Powder

                          Is Scientifically made of Native and English

                                        Drugs, Such as Mayaphal and

                                                Carbolic Acid. B.P. As 4.

                                  Batliwalla's Ringworm Ointment As. 4.

                                        Sold every where and also by

                                               DR. H. L. BATLIWALLA,

                                             Worli Laboratory, Dadar,


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