• Published on September 12, 1910
  • By Staff Reporter
This article / write-up appeared in Svadesabhimani. has not made any changes.


                                                      (By Don Quixote)

 The Kottayam Taluk Maramut Amindar was advised to try the Sanatorium of Varkalai and utilise his hard-earned privilege leave there. Casually he himself volunteered of course, to superintend the construction of a building put up on land belonging to a relation of the Peishkar. And hereby hangs a tale this tale being that this land and building is just windward and  sunward of the new Palace at Varkalai; also, this land was once Government puramboke and was auctioned out at very long notice, about 4320 minutes and some seconds, in the local Division Catcherry. Other tales also exist, but let them hang on for the present. The *****is disloyal to the ******and the doctor would prescribe as remedy, your famous horse-whip (ad libitum)

 Remote, unfriended, melancholy, slow is to be the fate of the next Census. directed as it is from Pattom, from Pallippuram and Varkalai maidan at which two latter places there will be no confusion in number - total population nil - In view of this possibility, very remote though it may be of people committing suicide before the next Census it would be well if the Government could invest the Census Commissioner with the powers of a District Magistrate throughout the State or at least at far as Ootacamund.

 As a result of the Silver Jubilee, the Puthenchanthai Reading Association expelled its one Xian member. and declared its name to be His Highness the Maharaja's silver Jubilee Association  - percentage of Trivandrum Brahmins quarter and a half, subscription eight annas; object elevation of Brahmin kind- the subscription being towards step ladders and towards this purpose. May I tell you, Mr. Editor, the more elderly and sedate Brahmins of good social position are quite against this step which in their opinion is calculated to bring about ruption between Travancorean Brahmins and Nairs.

 What about the Assistant secretary who claimed seniority as assistant secretary and consequent superiority of claim over that bright and rising man Mr. Krishna Pillay? There can be no question of the capacity of the former and his handwriting is more legible. The fault I believe any in his department of Life Insurance not being itself insured, and not in his having avoided the ink-bottle, at an historic occasion. It would be well if that gentleman is promoted as an Executive Engineer, to which place he has very good claims by his having been in charge of the P. W. D section of the Secretariat; and the precedent is one created by his old father, in a medical case.

 See we Raman Pillay, see we the Government Press- and no joke about if please. Mr. C. V. Raman Pillay is the gentleman in whom the Govt. repose all confidential printing and this many take to be confidence itself. But you know-better how much of confidence there is in State papers in Travancore. We await his promotion to an under secretaryship at the earliest date, A . D.

 Mr. P. Ramaswamy Iyer still is a pillar of strength to the Educational Department, and he is imagined to be the high road to the Doctor's favour. The Educational policy of the State is to prevent at all hazard and cost. the growth of sedition, irresponsibility and Swadesi ideas among the school boys and that alone explains the investment of the Director with dictatorial powers. Judged in that light, Dr. Mitchell's actions, aye even his reputed blind trust in Mr. Ramaswamy Iyer, deserve our fullest support.

 I treat now of rumours, that the Boss is retiring - Perhaps- but don't you see we have been having Dewan's Year after year and a change scarcely affects us in these days of decentralisation. What we want now is a Dewan aged and independent, who will without fear or favour remove from the service any officer however high placed he may be, who by his actions lends truth to the prevalent impression among the lower classes that by waiting on Mr. Sankaran Tampi they also could attain to high offices; for such only bring the name of their State and Maharaja into disrepute without any obvious good to themselves.

 Mr. Padmanabha Iyer too is retiring - He is out of his sphere- strange faces, other minds, before him. And it is well he retires, well for himself and all Travancore for he among all can create a strong public opinion in any good cause. Throughout his long service of thirty five years, he has been too honest to be popular, too clever to be cheated, haughty yet simple. In his retirement, we would recommend that he be appointed Honorary Physician to His Gracious Highness the Maharaja, for he who can keep up his health in this diabetes producing town for thirty five years' strenuous life can very well advise others; and it will be a fair exchange with Dr. Subramonia Iyer translated  before his time into the Revenue Department.

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